Starting Activity

We are going to look at the structure of an email. There are a few parts to making an effective message. The following should be followed to create a proper message:

  1. Senders email address
  2. Recipients email address
  3. Subject line
  4. Greeting
  5. Opening line
  6. Body Paragraph
  7. Closing line
  8. Sign-off
  9. Signature

Read though this website to learn the purpose of each part. It will also provide good and bad examples. So pay attention to them as you will be looking for these things later on. 

Parts of an email

When you have completed this reading, write a 3-5 sentence reflection on the parts of an email and why they are important to creating a cohesive message. Write your reflection is the folder provided. 

Reflection Response Folder

Next Activity

 Now that you know the structure of a good email, there are other things to consider when creating a message. Read through these do's and don'ts of writing a message. These will come in handy when deciding what's appropriate or not.

Do's and Don'ts of writing an email

Another Fun Activity

I have attached a few sample writings. Some are good and some need some help. I would like you to download the file, mark the samples up with suggestions and add comments. Add comments even if the writing is good, say why it is good or what you like about the approach. Once you have done that, save your work in the folder. 

Google Writing Samples

Last Activity 

Last but not least, I want you to write your own emails. You have all the tools and knowledge of how to write a good email. Now I want to challenge your knowledge. Each scenario is a little different so adapt your message and writing to adhere to situation. Again, when completed, save your work in the folder. 

Google Writing Prompts